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Modified by Melissa - Paperwork Prep Session

Uncertainty is the most
stressful feeling.

Don't let the uncertainty of receipts and taxes keep you from starting and growing your business.

Get organized and put a system in place that works for you.   

Melissa and Kika have put together some tips and tools to help get you started. 


Below is a link to the P&L spreadsheet Kika designed.

That is a good starting point for small business bookkeeping.  

Download the Profit & Loss spreadsheet 

How to use the P&L Spreadsheet: 

Start with the first tab called P&L Report.  Review the categories in column B.  Change the names as needed to meet your specific needs.  The titles will automatically change on the monthly tabs.  Once you have your categories setup, entering your specific income and expense on the corresponding monthly tab.   At the bottom of the spreadsheet, you'll see a section called Tax Liability.   This will give you an estimate of the taxes owed.   


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Success Occurs when
Opportunity meets Preparation!!
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