Protect your assets by forming an LLC or Incorporating today.

Don't pay expensive lawyer fees or pay for a package of items you may not need.

Let SBS of SA assist you in setting up the right entity for your specific needs.

The most popular type of entity is an LLC. It's a hybrid type of legal structure that provides the limit liability protection of a corporation with the flexibility to be taxed as either a partnership or an S-Corp.


Learn all the Pros & Cons of LLC's before you decide.
For more information on the items listed, visit our Glossary of Terms page.

Services Include:

  • Name Availability Search

  • Operating Agreement

  • Member Share Certificates

  • Member Transfer Ledger

  • Federal Tax ID Number

  • Sub-Chapter S Election

  • Sales Tax Account Setup

  • Registered Agent Service

  • Dun & Bradstreet Registration

  • Central Contractor Registration

Please call with any questions. We will be registering the LLC in you